Make Conference Solutions your event solution!

Let Conference Solutions solve your event problem. We will listen to your needs and create a solution that works – for you, your sponsors, and your delegates.

Here’s a handy checklist to help you start thinking about your event. Conference Solutions will ask you these types of questions when you contact us:

  • Will this event be face to face, virtual or a hybrid?
  • What do you hope to achieve with your event?
  • When will the event be held?
  • Do you have a preferred location and venue?
  • How many delegates are you expecting?
  • What is the format for the event – how many plenary sessions and how many concurrent sessions?
  • What type of marketing and promotional material will be required?
  • What is your target for sponsorship funding?
  • Are you having an exhibition or trade show as part of your event?
  • Do you need a social program for delegates and accompanying partners?
  • What transportation and accommodation requirements will your delegates have?
  • What is your event budget?


In 2020, COVID-19 changed the face of the events industry overnight.  In conjunction with our software provider, we now have the ability to manage the complete online attendee event journey with the flexibility to hold virtual or hybrid events with ease. Anything is possible!

Some of the features of our software, OnAir include:

  • An easy to use, accessible platform which integrates with your event website, registration site and attendee app
  • 3D mode
  • Virtual exhibition halls
  • Multiple networking solutions
  • Live hosts to run the event
  • Technology to either run pre-recorded or live, virtual concurrent sessions
  • Break out rooms and workshops
  • Live Q&A and live polling options


  • Help the client identify appropriate speakers
  • Liaise with speakers to obtain biographical information, audio visual requirements, travel and accommodation needs, and conference papers
  • Prepare briefing notes for chairs and masters of ceremonies
  • Arrange for a preparation room for speakers at the venue
  • Provide on site assistance as required


  • Prepare and maintain planning schedule to meet client objectives
  • Assign responsibilities between Conference Solutions and client organising committee
  • Monitor critical deadlines, liaising continually with client
  • Prepare detailed running sheets for client, venue staff, officials, stage manager, and technicians


  • Research suitable social activities and venues in consultation with client
  • Recommend an innovative and interesting schedule of activities to match client needs and preferences·
  • Brief caterers, manage entertainment and theming
  • Coordinate all activities with particular attention to dietary and protocol requirements
  • Develop optional social programs for partners while delegates are in session


  • Research, compare and recommend an appropriate venue (prepare a venue report for client)Negotiate best venue hire ratesArrange site inspection for client
  • Review and confirm contract, deposit schedules and booking in writing
  • Liaise directly with venue banquet manager to select menu and agree on service standards
  • Arrange function and meeting room layouts and infrastructure
  • Order and arrange delivery of secretariat and media support equipment
  • Research and recommend appropriate audio visual and staging contractors to be responsible for all technical requirements
  • Liaise with contractors to ensure service excellence
  • Arrange tapings of proceedings and interpretation services if necessary
  • Organise placement of signage and promotional materials on site


  • Develop ideas for sponsorship and advise on suitable sponsorship packages
  • Administer financial arrangements with secured sponsors
  • Meet sponsors’ needs and requirements leading up to, and during, the event
  • Maximise sponsors’ exposure to target audience through quality promotional material, appropriate acknowledgments, and signage
  • Arrange travel and accommodation for sponsors as appropriate


  • Develop a public relations strategy in consultation with client to attract delegates and media
  • Undertake direct mail to target audiences
  • Advertise in selected print media
  • Seek complimentary advertising in peer newsletters and magazines
  • Develop a conference web site with links to online registration facility


  • Determine exhibition format in consultation with the client
  • Appoint an exhibition contractor
  • Liaise with contractor on floor plan design and shell scheme display system
  • Prepare budget, promotional brochure and application form for potential exhibitors
  • Help market the exhibition
  • Allocate stands on application from exhibitors
  • Prepare contract and information kitBook accommodation
  • Prepare name badges
  • Prepare exhibitor newsletter and evaluation form
  • Arrange on site security and storage
  • Manage the exhibition throughout the event


  • Manage poster presentation display
  • Develop appropriate floor plan
  • Liaise with contractors regarding poster board hire and build-up, and position of lighting and signage
  • Develop timetable for poster presentation sessions
  • Provide poster presenters with guidelines for effective poster presentations


  • Coordinate graphic design and production of all artwork and promotional materials to client specifications (letterhead, envelopes, notices, brochures, programs, proceedings, tickets, name badges, banners and signage)
  • Source printer and coordinate print jobs for on time delivery

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